Stop paying too much for sending emails

Send emails  10x cheaper than Mailchimp  using self-hosted solutions

* Your emails will be sent reliably and cheaply via Amazon’s email infrastructure.

How it works (and why it's cheap)

Sending emails for small businesses / solo entrepreneur / the rest of us.

Why pay crazy amount of money if you're just:

Send emails for $0.1 per 1000 emails using self-hosted solutions via Amazon’s SES server.

with monthly server cost

Newsletter platforms are made for marketers.

Omni-channel customer tracking? A/B testing? Segmentation? Automation? Wait, what are those?

Those are the lingo of marketing people, full of privacy-concerning issues, unnecessary features and over optimizations. Most email marketing platforms are made for them, not for the small business owners, content creators, artists, or the rest of us.

Why pay the full price when you only use a fraction of it?

Setup now

Setting up a server to is hard and time-consuming.

[use own server] | [use managed server]

[hire a pro] | [do it yourself]

Hire a professional to setup everything for you.

For a one-time fee (US$ 30), you can save time, have peace of mind, and start sending emails. We’ll handle everything and provide a quick and secure installation.

I’ve made and compiled a step-by-step video guide

Server configuration

Personal support [1]

App Installation

Amazon SES configuration

Apps configuration & optimisation

Domain configuration

Apps of your choice 2

One-time setup fee

Admin panel

Firewall configuration

Free SSL (https)

Admin panel

[1] Personal support lasts for 30 days since the software is installed
[2] Newsletter apps includes: Sendy, PhpList, Listmonk, Mailyherald, and Mailwizz. Other software are made to order upon discussion. Licenses are not included for paid apps.


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Cuts features. Less feature = less maintenance = less support needed.