Learning web analytics

My journey to learn web analytics started after I read a book called Practical Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for . Considering the nature of the book, I did not expect it to influence me a lot. But after a few pages in, it turned out that the world of web analytics is just so fascinating. So here I am, dedicating a website for it. Let’s learn web analytics together!

Why Web Analytics is Interesting

When you’re unfamiliar with analytics, searching for critical data to drive business decisions is an enormous task. The sheer size of data that you can collect is overwhelmingly enormous.

But when you’re equipped with a defined goal, stellar strategy and the right mindset, then it’ll pave the way to understanding. You can dive through ocean of data and find pearls in it. These “pearls” are the critical factor that will be crucial to drive growth to your business. It will allow you to focus on certain area of online strategy. This is where analytics get interesting: to dig for those pearls and present something beautiful.

It’s just so fascinating that I decided to become a freelancer, especially using GTM & GA. Just last month I got around 4 small analytics projects by offering freelance service (hire me!). The potential to grow is enormous. And in the future it will only get bigger, since successful companies rely on quality data to have a successful online presence.

Learn Analytics – Goals

Having that said, I’ve decided to set goals for the next one month are:

  • Finish Avinash Kaushik’s book: Web Analytics – An Hour a Day. Although old, but I heard good recommendations about Kaushik’s book. It teaches the fundamentals of web analytics instead of methods.
  • Become Google Analytics IQ certified ✅
  • Write more about Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager — it’s coming. Stay tune!
  • Get a few followers for this blog. Subscribe please!

Expect many more web analytics posts like this, especially using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Cheers to the first of the many web analytic posts to come! ?