Learning Machine Learning

On the first week of September, a friend of mine told me that Coursera with ITB was offering free courses. They did that to elevate Covid-19’s effects for students. Though I’m not one anymore, but it turned out that my university still provides me with a student’s email address. So I went ahead and explores the vast courses provided.

There were thousands of courses to choose from, and I (mistakenly) thought that the enrollment was for good. Fast forward to end of September. It turned out that they only provides free courses for 2 more months. So I had to choose which courses to attend.

Considering my personal interest in math, and society’s interest in AI/ML, I decided to take courses related to Machine Learning. So I went ahead and completed the course Machine Learning for All from University of London. Soon after Machine Learning Foundations from University of Washington was finished as well.

Both courses provided a bird’s eye view into the world of machine learning. The latter delve into more details and get me to code again in python to try some ML algorithms. It was a nice exercise.

The University of Washington offers a specialization that bundles the latter course with 3 other courses. At the moment I’m still struggling with the second course about regression. I hope I can finish the rest of the courses before the deadline this month.

Wish me luck guys.